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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

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Happy Hump day!
The weekend gets closer and I am excited for kiddo’s birthday.
The kiddo's birthday is going to be this weekend. I am so glad that the kiddo understands that his mom is not good at hosting parties that he requested to celebrate it at school with his classmates. So just like the past years, will be celebrating it on Friday at his school. This way his teacher will be facilitating the little celebration. :D Few weeks ago, my dilemma is that what gift to give him on his birthday…
Thankfully, I’ve browse on Groupon and got myself and instant idea. Will be buying him a mobile phone accessories… A powerbank and a bigger memory capacity. Still thinking if I include a mobile phone armband though. His been addicted to Pokemon Go and Minecraft so this accessories will very well come in handy for his mobile phone.
Buying birthday gifts can be tricky most specially for 11year old kid like mine who no longer enjoy playing toys much and prefers to spend more time in front of the laptop or play with his mobile phone.
For moms of a techy kids like mine I suggest you go checkout the Groupon Goods because there are so many great gift ideas you can get there. A time saver as well since products are just delivered at your doorstep. Not only that, you can also discover fun activities and get huge discounts on kids’ activities and new restaurants, spas, massages and hair salons in your city. A great money and time saver I must say!

Have you use Groupon Coupon before? What do you love to save on with Groupon?

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  1. It's always nice to see fellow Mindaoan bloggers. I'm from Iligan City. Silingan rata :) nice blog!

    1. Hi Emme! Thanks for visiting my blog. Same here, its nice to meet fellow local bloggers. :)

  2. Great post! It's my twins birthday this weekend too. Have a lovely time

    Gemma x

    1. Oh my! Have a fun and joyous weekend with your twins Gemma. Send my birthday greetings. :)

  3. I need to check out Groupon more often! There are some great deals on there!
    Jeans and a Teacup

  4. Great post!


  5. I never used this before! This looks like a great option


    1. Yes you should check it out. Im sure you can find useful coupons for wide variety of great deals at Groupon.

  6. I never used it but I should give it a try! Thanks for sharing!


  7. great post!
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  8. This is a great idea! Thanks for the inspo. I don't think we have Groupon over here but maybe something similar.
    Christina ♥ https://caliope-couture.com


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