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Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Midweek Madness!
It's amazing how fast time flies by and you don't even realize it. Just last Sunday I was not ready to welcome Monday but its funny how Wednesday came unnoticed, until my friend asked for a midweek chill. 
 My closest friends and I has online jobs and so we take weekend and midweek seriously to disconnect to technology and stress.  That's Wednesday and Saturday out and about anywhere in the city. However, most of it spent at malls. :D
It's the time where we channel our inner fashionista and coffee/tea addicts. It's  our time to vent out problems and frustration, laugh with/without any reasons, encourage and discourage decisions... hehehe that's what we are! 
We usually just shop, stroll, eat and chat. A lot of things really happened and most of them are unplanned. 
 On today's post, I am sharing an outfit on one of our midweek chill few weeks back. While looking forward of our midweek chill later... Printed button-down shirt and white skirt pants. Forgot to take a photo of the back view for the shorts... really its shorts. The gladiator shoes is new... I impulsively bought it on that day and wore it immediately... and the days after. hahaha I am not obviously loving it, arent I?
This day only two of us bond. And me and my best buddy accidentally wore matching outfits in black and white theme. We didn't even plan it. ^_^
What's your usual bonding with your friends?
Do you do midweek chill/break too?

Black Gladiator Sandals from Payless Shoesource.

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  1. Such a cute and charming look. Love your OOTD! Beautiful pics.

  2. Just perfect! Great post, can't wait to read the next one!!
    Thanks a bunch for your support on my blog,I am glad you liked my recent post on My Pan AM Experience:

    1. Thank you Harija! I am as well grateful for your visit here in my blog. :)

  3. I just love it when I'm featured and now with my pretty niece

  4. It looks very nice!

    With love, Nastya Deutsch

  5. Such a chic look.
    I love the sandals so much.
    Great week so far :)

    The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin | Snapchat: bandwagonchic

  6. it's good you take time to chill out with your friend:) It's a nice way to break the weekdays routine:) Your OOTD is so perfect for chilling out. You look fab!

    1. Thank you Genefaith! Nice to see you here in my blog. :)

  7. Followed you by GFC, Google+, Twitter, facebook, Instagram and Bloglovin and pinterest

  8. looking great sweetie!
    kisses from dubai ♥


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