Goodbye Stargate Dream Vacation Resort!

Sunday, August 09, 2015

How was your weekend everyone?
Stargate Dream Vacation Resort is one of our go to place for swimming. Although we have several bad experiences here, we still found ourself heading to this place for a swim. 
What I dont Like:
Expensive pool fee.
Food serve longer.
Costumer service is 4/10.
Swimwear rules is not strictly applied. We've witnessed a few times others swim in tshirt and pants.
Can get crowded on weekends.
What I like:
Very nice ambiance.
Great view of Cagayan de Oro river in the pool area.
Enjoy the beauty of nature.
Instagram-friendly place.
Minutes away from the city.
Buffets on weekends with live bands.
Options to grill your own food.
They serve delicious mango float... :P
Lately though we dont go for a swim at this resort anymore because the last time we went for a swim they restricted the swimming pool. Its no loner available for individual walk-ins, only for a minimum group of 10 unless we will pay Php 2, 500.00 (which is the total fee of 10 people). Thus, this post title... me bidding goodbye to one of my go-to swimming place.  
Here's a photo of our last swim at Stargate Dream Vacation Resort...


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  1. That's so annoying you can't go anymore! xx

  2. Such a shame! Xx

  3. amazing post, kisses!

  4. wow thats crazy. Judging by the photos it looks like you had some great times in the past, they lost some loyal customers :/


    1. Oh yes they did! I think they are now prioritizing the people who booked for rooms to use their swimming pool... :(

  5. Wow Php 2,500 is too much! Hahaha the insta friendly place caught my attention.

    1. Yes because they no longer accept individual walk-ins but in groups only.

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    It makes me a visit there on my blog, I'll love it!
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    Sucess always!
    XOXO *--*

  7. Try Marco Hotel Alwana for your next go to swimming pool. ☺️

    1. Hi Lhea! Yes we have tried Marco Hotel as well... Its too far though... :)

  8. Such great review.
    Your very straight to the point.
    Love these relaxing photos-- bring me back to vacay

    The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin | Snapchat: bandwagonchic

  9. Amazing photos!

  10. Amazing post !

    I invite you to visit my blog on (:

  11. Beautiful pictures!
    Lovely place!
    I hope I can go there someday <3

  12. That's a shame!


  13. Amazing photos! You look so pretty!!! Have a lovely day :-)


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