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Wednesday, July 08, 2015

What's your typical outfit on a lazy day? 
When I dont feel like dressing up I used to grab my trusted shorts and from their decide what top to pair it with. However, this changed now... The typical outfit that comes to mind first is a maxi skirt paired with white tees. 
White Tees. This makes me laugh everytime, because I used to despised wearing white tees before, for the reason that I easily get dirt on it. No im not clumsy, but just the on-the-move kind of woman. Go ahead reason out! lol ;) Im probably maturing because now you can see them taking over my black tops in my closet. Heck I even have the plain ones! O.o
Speaking of maxi skirt, I am thinking of having more of this well-crafted ones like the one Im wearing in this OOTD. I just love maxi skirts with hand-crafted details. This ombre blue maxi skirt has a crochet details. 
I say, let the hunting begins!
Do let me know if you know shops with great designs on thier maxi skirts! ;)

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