Gradient Maxi Skirt

Monday, May 26, 2014

I'm inlove with maxi skirts! Ironic because before I'm always seen wearing short skirts. :D Guess, your fashion sense change as you grow
old. I do still love seeing other girls wearing short skirts and get attracted with short skirts at stores. However, its been long time since I wear short skirts and Im more excited to spend on maxi skirt and take more time thinking should I buy or not on short skirts. I guess my fashion style did changed, but im not yet ready to let go on my precious shorts skirts. :(

A lot of people love this gradient maxi skirt including myself.  Both the top and maxi skirt are bought at a thrifted shop. When it comes to shopping I consider myself lucky, because all the favorite clothes in my closet so far are bought at a very low price and/or discounted price. ^_^

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  1. pretty maxi skirt and yes I love longskirts too before I embrace shorts ahahaha


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