Flash - "Let there be light" Photography Workshop

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Attended the free photography workshop that hosted by Colours Digital Foto last March 15 at Centrio Mall. It was limited to 100 registrant at first but due to the demand they increased Workshop slots to 300. I was able to register online when the in-store registration was already close. There a lot of photographers joined the actual event. And the good thing the workshop is that it was open for everyone even for a newbie like me. And I must say I learned a lot from the pro's although there are some topics Im having hard time to comprehend. Basically the workshop is all about the benefits in using flash photography. It was handy for me because I dont used much my flash because I was relying on the built-in flash in my DSLR camera.

They invited 3 great photographer in Philippines as speakers...

Ricky Ladia - Strobist Photography
Ricky Ladia
Alex Ruelo - Wedding Strobist Photography
Alex Ruelo
Rommel Bundalian - Street Strobist Photography
Rommel Bundalian
Here are some of the freebies I got at the workshop...
Latest issue of Digital Photographer Philippines magazine!

Jay Tablante behind the scenes Cosplay shoot!

Here's my #OOTD at the event.

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