Just Dance!

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Just Dance Wii

When the kiddo arrived from school he usually just watch Pokemon series on Youtube or play games with his tablet. However, he probably got tired today that I saw him dancing with some random music from Youtube.

Since im still not in the mood for work I thought of joining him and we search for a dance video to dance with at my desktop. And yes we did find a great collection of dance videos recorded from the video game Just Dance Wii.

We really enjoyed dancing that it got both of us wet with sweat from hours of dancing. It was a bonding for both of us. And for me, I just discover a way to get sweat and be healthy without going out to the gym. Now I have a valid reason not to go back to the gym for some aerodance. ^_^

Thank you very much to this uploader for this awesome dance videos playlist! Curious? Checkout the dance videos below...

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