Diary ng Panget The Movie

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Diary ng Panget The Movie
The number 1 best-selling book of 2013, soon to be blockbuster movie this coming April 2, 2014! I didn't have the chance to read the book, Diary ng Panget, but this movie adaptation seems to be awesome and got me interested! I also like the good casting on the movie. I cant wait to watch in on theater and then probably read the book after. :)

Nadine Lustre as Eya Rodriguez
James Reid
as Cross Sandford
Yassi Pressman
as Lory Keet
Andre Paras
as Chad Jimenez

Directed by Andoy Ranay

Story by Denny aka HaveYouSeenThisGirl

Checkout the official full trailer of Diary ng Panget The Movie! :)

The Catchy Dialogues...

"You ambitious frog... Kokak!"
"Ang anak ko is human, but also he is half halimaw."
"Mukha mo pala yun..akala ko connect the dots..."
"Panget na nga, lampa pa."
"Can I order you?...  Takeout?"
"Huwag kang maarte, hindi ka maganda!"
"Bakit ang Pangit mo? Saan mo tinatago yung sungay at buntot mo?"

What also make this movie interesting is the soundtracks of the movie. The Diary Ng Panget The Movie sound tracks (OST) are sung by the lead characters of the movie. The song is catchy also and you can see the good acting and chemistry of Nadine and James.

The Diary Ng Panget The Movie OST...

Paligoy-Ligoy - Nadine Lustre

No Erase - James Reid & Nadine Lustre

I have always been a fan of Korean dramas and Korean music but lately I've notice some cool Pinoy pop (Ppop) also. Now that I can see Philippine entertainment industry is improving will also help in sharing it to the world. Go, go Pinoy artist!

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  1. My eldest is an avid fan of this book. Now I know why. Hahaha...

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