#OnlineShopping: EverBuying.com Items Finally Arrived!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Blogged a few weeks ago about the online shopping department store Everbuying.com. Well, im happy to share to you that after 15 days from ordering, my items already arrive. I didn't expect that it will actually arrive sooner because from my experienced from Romwe.com and other online shops it takes a month or more. In fact, I actually taught that the package was from Aupie.com which I'm expecting to arrive already because it has been more than a month since I ordered my item. It probably matters on the location Everbuying.com is from Shenzhen, China.

So far I was more than satisfied with EverBuying.com's shipping service. Added to the fact that the items are in free shipping. The product is in good condition too.

So what's inside the package?
  • Casual Short Sleeves Women’s Twinset (USD 12.33) - The dress is nice but I guess it will be a bit big for me. I love the quality of the cloth!

  • Punk Style Fish Scale Shape Bracelet With Ring (USD 2.15) - the bracelets a bit too big but the lock can be adjusted. Thank God also that the ring is also adjustable because I have a small fingers.

  • Floral Print Shrug Style Chiffon Women’s Jacket (USD 10.71) - Was a bit disappointed on the jacket though... It was indeed specified that the cloth is chiffon and I can see it on the photo but I thought the the chiffon will be layered with another clothing material. However, it's basically a thin chiffon jacket and not as I imagine it would be. Will just hope I can pull it off well when I wear it.

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