Stylish Drawings from Kristina Webb

Sunday, August 04, 2013

From reading through some blogs earlier came across this Kristina Webb very unique art. I find it very creative, stylish and feminine! A very talented girl indeed. Check out Kristina's drawings below with a touch of natural crafts. ^_^
Kristina Webb Art 1

Kristina Webb Art - rose petal
This one so cute! According to Kritina she was eating a 'Ferrero Rocher' while reading the lovely comments on her last drawing and just as she was about to throw the wrapper in the bin she had another idea and this was it...
Kristina Webb Art - Ferrero Rocher
This one probably my fave... The design of the dress is made from the sharpened color pencils.
Kristina Webb Art
Her latest piece of art. This is a drawing of Candice Swanepoel -Victoria Secrets supermodel with real flower petals.
Kristina Webb Art - real flower petal

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