#OOTD: Bigby’s Cafe & Restaurant The Ultimate Y.O.L.O Titan Launching

Sunday, August 04, 2013

OOTD - Bigbys YOLO Launching (4)
A quick snap at my outfit at the Bigby’s Cafe & Restaurant The Ultimate Y.O.L.O Titan Launching. Its all about jeans and something blue.

OOTD - Bigbys YOLO Launching (5)

[caption id="attachment_2141" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Inside Bigby's Cafe & Restaurant. Photo grab from Tom. Thanks Motty! Inside Bigby's Cafe & Restaurant. Photo grab from Tom. Thanks Motty![/caption]

OOTD - Bigbys YOLO Launching  (2)

OOTD - Bigbys YOLO Launching  (3)

OOTD - Bigbys YOLO Launching  (1)

One of the biggest challenge in doing #OOTD post is the photos. I don't have lots of photos to share because I have no one whom I can tag along and take my OOTD photos all the time. Most probably if I have photos it'll be not much and I have to pick which is a good shots coz my digital camera tend to be unfriendly with others. lol If only I could take photo of myself in whole body...

OOTD - Bigbys YOLO Launching (1)

So what's with this ice cream pose? Well, its not craving but I happen to joined the Titanic Treat Challenge, one of the 3 YOLO Challenges that Bigby’s Cafe & Restaurant launch on that day. The event was attended by fellow CDOBloggers, CDO Photographers League and local print media. In this Titanic Treat challenge there were 5 of us who are the challenger and we we're given 2 minutes to finish not just 1 or 2 but lots of scoop of ice cream. Whoa! I really had my doze of ice cream craving right there for a minute. lol I really thought I will stop eating ice cream for a year because of that challenge. However, in contrast to that thought I'm now craving for an ice cream treat while writing this blog post because of this picture below... I'm really a certified ice cream lover! ^_^

Bigby's Cafe & Restaurant Titanic Treat Challenge

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