Make Your Own Havaianas 2013

Thursday, August 22, 2013

The most anticipated Make Your Own Havaianas finally took place at Centrio Mall last August 17-18, 2013. What makes this event extra special this year is that I have finally participated in it. The past years of MYOH event I just peep in, took some pictures, go home and blog on my city guide blog. This year would supposed to be doing the same but since I won from the Havaianas Hot Air Balloon contest and got myself a discount coupon and a Limited Edition pin, I grab the chance to join.

Make Your Havaianas (21)

Say hello to my first ever pair of Havaianas slipper!
I picked the official MYOH 2013 commemorative pair which is sold at Php 995.00 and a glow in the dark flip-flops. This is design by Dan Matutina, a Filipino illustrator and Havaianatico, who is renowned for his unique visual mix of handmade & digital, clean & dirty, old & modern designs.

Make Your Havaianas (6)

It was the first day and a lot of flip-flops lover has already busy picking their very own pair of Havaianas...

Make Your Havaianas (2)
Make Your Havaianas (3)
Make Your Havaianas (4)

Make Your Havaianas (15)

Make Your Havaianas (13)

This is how the Havaianas was customized. You picked the design of your flip flop, color of the strap, and desired pins and how many pins will you decorate in your flip-flops. Every pins will cost Php 100.00 - 150.00. Good thing I got a free pin so I didn't have to buy it. Hehehe
Make Your Havaianas (14)
Make Your Havaianas (5)
Make Your Havaianas (20)
Make Your Havaianas (19)
Make Your Havaianas (22)
Make Your Havaianas (18)
They have a photo wall decorated with lots of flip-flops so I didnt miss the chance to take a fun shot. Up, up and away!

Make Your Havaianas (23)
Make Your Havaianas (24)
Me with Jenjacqs. I think every event will never pass without a picture of us.
Make Your Havaianas (28)
Thank you Spruce and Havaianas for the prize. I love all of them specially the necklace which was not included below because I used it immediately.
Make Your Havaianas (29)

Did you attended the Make Your Own Havaianas too? What's the color and design did you got for your flip-flops?

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  1. i had fun with this MYOH event :) I created Earth to Universe slippers with so many many studs!

  2. Been awhile since I last attended an MYOH event. I think my last was five years ago, haha!

  3. i would love to try this one day! it would be something gold and black if ever i have choices like that this sounds fun! my pink havainas is still alive though have it for 5 years now

  4. That look so cool!

  5. OMG wow looks like a fun, fun event! Naalala ko tuloy nun hindi ako nakadalo sa MYOH event dito sa Manila, sayang! Sana meron ulit sila sa susunod! =)

  6. Aw sayang I missed this event. I don't have a pair of havaianas yet, I would love it customized too! <3

  7. I haven't attended an MYOH event yet. I've only owned 2 pairs of Havaianas in my entire left, and went for sandals and wedges na. If ever I get to win a discount coupon, I might participate on the next one though ^^ Hihi! Would love to make me something pink + silver or gold + black.

  8. i was invited to an event like this pero i wasnt able to go! im sure this one was fun! i so want to customize my havs!!

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