Stylistas Go See 2013: My Female Models

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Stylistas Go See 2013

I have previously introduced you to my first Stylistas 2013 male model the other day, now we are going to meet the female model contestants.

Meet my first female model here name is Justine Patricia Camat. She's 18 years old and stands 5'8 in height. Yeah your right! She's taller than me... like a lot. :D

Im sorry for the photo I had to play with it because it was not a good shot.

My second female model is Christine Elizabeth Chi 23 years old and stands 5'7 tall.


I styled both of them with clothes from Mags Fashion Boutique - SM branch. It took several outfits of which the girls had try on before I finally decide on which outfit looks good. As much I dont want to hassle them with trying on lots dress but I ended up doing so. (Kinda like what I do to myself also.) I actually had a lot of denim looks in mind already but they just don't fit on my models or the clothes are not available in the boutique.

Here are some outfits that I like on Christine but didn't choose it for the final ramp because I don't see much of a highlight on the look. I want something that would really catches attention as she ramp on the catwalk.

Stylistas Go See 2013 model

So finally here's the look I have come up for the two models. Ofcourse this isn't the overall look, this is just a preview. You'll gonna have to watch it on July 20 at 4PM at SM City Cagayan de Oro ;)



Thank you to the staff of Mags for assisting us bloggers on styling our models. And Oh let me just add... Mags boutique has a lot of awesome styles that I almost want to buy one of the dresses while looking for some dresses for my models.

Once again thank you SM City Cagayan de Oro for the opportunity and experience. :)

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  1. Gorgeous! I like Chrsitine's built and beauty!! and her height is perfect lang.. hihihihi :D Nakoooo how I wish I had their height though. hahaha :D


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