Turning a Skirt Into a Sexy Dress

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hello goddesses! I am excited to share to you this great fashion tricks I bumped into while window shopping online. ^_^

Lace Middle Calf Skirt

How do you usually wear an elegant waist white lace middle calf skirt? Usually its like this right?

White Lace Middle Calf Skirt

White Lace Middle Calf Skirt2

However, you can actually wear it in a more creative way like this...

Lace Middle Calf Skirt2

Pink Lace Middle Calf Skirt

Sexy isn't it? Skirts like this can be handy specially when your traveling and your bringing limited clothes. Let your creativity help you in styling  and don't forget to accessorize it.

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Earlier this month I have somewhat tried this concept but that was my poncho that I turn into a skirt because I was wearing shorts and I am going to a place which is no shorts allowed. lels So here's my reinventing photo...

Poncho Turn Skirt

Tell me what do you think of my look. Have you tried re-inventing your skirts too? Drop me a comment I would love to see/read your own styling. :)

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  1. Can't tell that it's a poncho at first...It turned out looking like a pretty high-low skirt. :) I do have a long skirt which I bought few years ago and it's still in the closet with the tag on. lol!


  2. That's nice. I would love to wear a skirt as a top if I have a similar piece. Saw these things in YouTube before. Cool lang di ba? :)

  3. wow that is a great idea!!! at least now I know how to wear my skirt again and again :P

  4. Oh you should wear that! Go for a Bohemian look with the long skirt match with a tube top and then turn your long skirt into sexy dress for a new style... ;)

  5. oohh i used to do this whenever we visit the beach and I forget my sarong haha. I love hitting the beach (or pool) on maxi skirts so when i am off to buy snacks, i just pull it around my chest for an instant cover up around my bikini.


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