The Alcatel Onetouch Soleil of Sun Cellular Plan 350

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Look what I got from strolling at Centrio Mall... A new Alcatel Onetouch Soleil from Sun Cellular!

alcatel one touch soleil

Its been months since I planned to get a postpaid account for mobile and now I finally am subscribed to Sun Cellular Plan 350. Its actually a good deal already coz aside from having a new phone for free I also get to have sun to sun unlimited call text and 250 text to all networks every month. Even though I'm not much of a texter this plan is perfectly suited for me. It has always been a hassle to me when you run out of load in times that you needed it the most and I have to disturb friends, cousin and neighbor to load for me. Now I dont have to worry for that anymore! As well as that frustrating feeling when promos you subscribe in is already expired without even making use of it to its fullest. (sucks!)

Enough explaining... now im going to make a not so techy review on this phone, since lots of people asking and I dont read much review post on this specific unit. I just got this phone the other day but I already got a lot to say...

First lets start with whats inside the box

  • Charger with usb cord

  • Screen Protector

  • Headset

  • Manual


  • 4" Touch Screen (Smaller than the Samsung Galaxy S4, but bigger than the iPhone 5.)

  • Android Jelly Bean 4.1 OS

  • 1 GHz Dual Core

  • System RAM 471 MB

  • Internal Storage 2104 MB

  • Back Camera 8 Megapixel

  • Front Camera VGA

  • No Flash

  • Dual Sim: yes

  • Micro SD Slot: yes

  • Tethering or Wifi Hotspot: Yes

  • Battery: Lithium 1400 mAh

What I dont like:
1. Battery drains fast. I just charge this phone 2 hours ago with 100% full now it only has 70%. To think I was just blogging through my phone with this post now.

It basically wont last a whole day even with just a quick use of wifi. So I think my iPhone 3Gs will still be handy for mobile browsing and I'll just use this Alcatel phone basically for messaging. :(

2. I dont know why but im having trouble typing on its keypad. It took me so long to type a simple SMS. The reason Im finishing this blogpost in my desktop. :D

3. Messy home screen. I still dont get the home screen and the application screen.  My apps are cluttered everywhere I cant organize them.

4. Not user-friendly settings. I had to read the whole manual and the manual in the mobile app but in the end I had to test it on my own and find the right options/setting just to set it the way I want.

5. There's a lot of Google apps already installed that I find it annoying already.

6. No casing available in Cagayan de Oro which means I need order online. I have to buy a protector because I have this tendency of phones jumping out of my hand. ;)

What I like:

1. Big screen.

2. Very responsive touchscreen.

3. It's in dual sim but right now im not inserting my other sim in it coz I feel it will contribute to the fast decreasing of its battery life.

4. Copy/Cut/Paste/Screeshots option is also available.

5. Accessible brightness, time out, auto rotation, wifi and wifi hotspot setting.

Here are a few screen shots I took using Alcatel Onetouch Soleil...

Some of the Camera settings:

alcatel one touch soleil alcatel one touch soleil

This is the look of my home screen:

alcatel one touch soleil alcatel one touch soleil
alcatel one touch soleil alcatel one touch soleil

Tethering or Portable Wifi Hotspot instruction:

alcatel one touch soleil alcatel one touch soleil

I also found this video on Youtube of unboxing his Alcatel Onetouch Soleil and compare it to his Alcatel Glory 2..

I do hope this simple post will help you in a way. If you are also using the same mobile phone, how was your experience so far? Please do drop your comments below.

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