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Monday, June 24, 2013

My blogger friend Jacques invited me to join Splash Direct Sales months ago. I actually thought that there’s not much I can purchase because I'm not much of a user of whitening and exfoliating cosmetics.  However, I thought wrong. Splash Direct Sales offers wide variety of products, they have lotion, cleansers, moisturizer, shampoo & conditioner, detergent powder, dish washing liquid, perfumes & cologne,  insect repellent, feminine spray, hair moisturizer, supplements and make-up.

Since I am interested on this make-up thing I check out there CMX Cosmetics make-up selections. It was a bit expensive for me since I'm not much of a big spender on makeup. Thanks to my membership I got to avail 25% off everytime I purchase. Great deal! :D

So here’s what I have purchased on the make-up…

CMX Cosmetics Brow & Liner Kit (Php 550)

Since I have this kit, having my eyebrow done is exciting to me already. Before I use to struggle because im not much of a pro on putting on eyebrow. I should have known brush is much easier than pencil. And it looks more natural on my eyebrows than pencil.  I also love that the kit also comes with a cute eyebrow puller in it.

CMX Cosmetics Brow & Liner Kit
CMX Cosmetics Brow & Liner Kit
CMX Cosmetics Brow & Liner Kit

CMX Cosmetics Precision Eyeliner Gel (Php 425)

CMX Cosmetics Precision Eyeliner Gel

This is the first time im using an eyeliner gel I usually rely on the pencil in doing lines in my eye. So far so good, since I have this eyeliner gel and the brow & liner kit my eyebrow pencil been crying for attention. Hehe

What cosmetic brands do you use for eyeliner and eyebrow?

Oh by the way, if your interested to join Splash Direct Sales just comment below or contact me via my socail networks seen in the sidebar buttons. ↗ :)

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  1. I use CMX products specifically those two you mention above. I love it! :D

  2. havent tried cmx cosmetics yet but i like eyebrow powders. :D will check this soon :D


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