Loving The Firmoo Eyeglasses That I Won

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Im wearing the Firmoo eyeglasses I won from The Bargain Doll. I didn't expect to win actually, I was even surprised when I was notified on twitter that I won. ;)
I was then given the chance to picked which eyeglasses and so I choose this Unisex Full Frame Memory Plastic Eyeglasses of which really attracted me at first sight. It's color is black with pattern designs on the handle.
The item arrived a little to late than expected, more or less 2 weeks. However, it was delivered right at our doorstep.

Since I had this eyeglasses i've been wearing them specially when im at work as well as when I go out. It actually adds a bit of twist to my get-up. I also like that its very light so you don't really feel burden wearing it.

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