Pink Fridays: The Pitiful Sony Vaio Pink!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

To participate in this weeks Pink Fridays I really search for something pink on my Drive D and phone gallery of which my photos are stored.Sadly I didnt find anything interesting to blog on and the other photos are previously blogged already. Good thing when I got home earlier I saw a pink item of which I immediately took a picture via mobile.

This pink Sony Vaio is own by our neighbor. Everytime she go to work she always deposit this laptop at our house since she doesn't trust the safety of the laptop at her rented house. This is the first time I saw this laptop. My mom been talking about it and that she said that the owner also ask some help coz the laptop has some problems that maybe I can help.

When I saw the laptop, it was awfully pitiful specially when I opened and saw the screen. Gosh! If I we're to own it, I would likely clean it everyday and cut anybody's finger who will touch the screen. The screen was full of smudge even the exterior of the laptop, if it wasn't color pink then it'll be more awful to see. I was really sad watching at the laptop. Its like I saw child that is not well taken cared of by the parents and that sleeps and eats in dirty clothes. I didn't even dare to turn it on because who knows what ill see. If the owner doesn't know how to take care on the exterior how much more inside. I bet a lot of virus popping up. And I also learn that her kids are just using it for games and that she's really pissed off because it might be the reason the laptop experiencing problems. Sad... Anyways, not everyone is interested on gadgets so I cant blame her if she treats this cute Sony Vaio pink without care... well, she still do care a bit because she cares for the laptop's safety.

Anyways for me, I may not clean my laptop and desktop computer every day but I do handle them with care, and take time to clean them more often as I can. For me taking care of them is also ensuring that they will not cause you a lot of trouble and problems that, more often than not, cause you a whole lot on your pocket...

How about you, how do you handle your laptop with care? How often do you clean them? And any tips you can share on how to take care of your laptops?

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  1. Just need some minutes to clean the screen:)

    Visiting for PF- hope you can stop by..

  2. if i have one like this, i'd look after it like i care for my little one, with utmost care + love! ^_^

    visiting back fro Pink Fridays!

  3. This is one cute Vaio. My husband had a Vaio one time (not pink, but black of course. LOL) and he was not so happy with it. That's too bad that it is not well kept. It won't last that long if kids are messing with it. Anyway, visiting you back sweetie. :)

  4. I felt guilty when I read your post. hehehe. Actually, I don't clean my laptop more often. :(

  5. That's a cute color for a laptop!


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