My Ring Bling

Sunday, May 27, 2012

I'm not a fan of jewelries but I do have several cheap ring collections. I just buy them because I find them cute and/or matches with the dresses I have. I don't invest much on jewelries because most of the time I just set them aside, forgot to wear them and even lost without me even knowing how. The rings you see in the photo are my current faves and has stood by me through carelessness and kikay times...
The first ring which is in green colored and has a flower design. I bought this at StyleCandy Boutique for a price of Php 130.00
Next to that is a Black Swarovski Ring. I bought this at an affordable price of Php 45.00. I more often wear this which is the reason why it needs a replacement. Sadly, I cant find any similar to it even at the store of which I bought it.
The other 2 is a bead ring. It is made of elastic thread and tiny beads, topped with varied semi-precious stones. I forgot how much i bought this but is much cheaper than that of the Black Swarovski Ring.
The last 3 rings I bought at a flea market in Cogon called Aizilym. This accessory shop sells wide variety of cheap jewelries and accessories available in individual and by bundles. And I also bought this pair of Yellow V earrings at the same shop.

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