CDOBloggers Celebration For World Bloggers Day

Thursday, May 03, 2012

CDObloggers celebrated World Bloggers Day last May 2, 2012. This years theme is It's more FUN in Blogging and Social Media! And it is indeed more fun because CDOblogger had an instant meet-up made possible through Facebook. 2 hours after our Facebook conversation, all of us are seen at Big Flat Bread Corrales enjoying pizza.

A lot of Cdobies was not able to join though coz aside from the fact its short notice it was also a workday. Evidently  seen on @Nursegermz who brought work to the gathering. :D

We had a fun and great conversation while enjoying the enormous pizza. Check it out on the video below..

And yes, as expected... CDObloggers has this habit of a never-ending-chikahan so even if we already said our goodbyes to head home to go back to work you still see this after...

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