Bonding with Friends At Limketkai

Monday, April 18, 2011

It was a blast day yesterday after I went Missy Bon Bon's Gelatorama, I had the chance to hangout with Janlac and Cherry. If I haven't mention it yet in this blog, both Cherry and Janlac have been my co-worker last year.
It was never a planned actually, I just texted Janlac if she's in Limketkai Mall and when she replied yes I then went over to her most favorite place in the mall --Worlds of Fun. Indeed she was there busy playing along with Cherry and also on Janlac's hand was a bag of stuffed toys and other prizes she gained from the WOF tickets. Which reminds me to thank Janlac for the stuffed toy she gave last month... Well, actually it was more of a "toynap" coz I didn't gave it back to her the moment I played with it. :D
Janlac loves collecting stuffed toys from Worlds of Fun that is why she always budget money and time visiting the place almost every weekend. Yeah a different kind of addiction which is beneficial coz playing is one of the best escape after a long week of work stress.

After a few games more at Worlds of Fun we then ate at Greenwich. And then went to CD-R King coz Cherry bought a mouse and lastly to Missy Bon Bon wherein our lucky table won an additional 1 cup of gelato.

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  1. Visiting here via The Bloggers Exchange, enjoy the rest of the week
    I Love Darly!
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  2. Kawaii!

    I want that toy, too!

    TBE hopping with so much love!
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