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Sunday, February 13, 2011

It's weekend and im joining Weekend Blog Follower Caravan #7. I do hope im not yet late! This actually my second time to joined this and my first was last week which is the Follow Twitter Account. This week its going to be a Google Friend Connect so I hope to gain lots of hugs and Google followers from fellow bloggers in this WBFC! ;)

Click the image above for more info on Weekend Blog Follower Caravan.

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  1. i'm your new follower here! hope you can follow my blogs too!

    These and Those
    Hands Full of Life
    Pink Memoirs

  2. hi dropping by thru wbfc!


  3. hi! i am your new follower from wbfc. hope you could follow my sites back.

    Topics on Earth
    Mom’s Ups and Downs
    Kitchen Essentials

    thanks in advance!

  4. Been here from WBFC. Followed your blog already. I will appreciate it a lot if you can visit me and follow me back!!!

    Thanks God Bless

  5. Hello! From wbfc following you..
    Here’s mine..
    Shengkay’s JOurnal

  6. I'm your new follower. Please follow me back. Many thanks!


  7. new follower of your blog from WBFC!

  8. Visiting and following you from Weekend Blog Follower Caravan. Hope you can follow back my blogs.

    Thank you!!

    Blogging SAHM
    Mom Moods
    Mom sa Pinas

    Work at Home Mommy Online

  9. Followed. Here's mine: http://www.pensivethoughts.com/2011/02/weekend-blog-follower-caravan-8.html


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