Precious Heart Romance: Kristine Series

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Precious Heart Romance Kristine Series

I know lots of followers of Kristine was disappointed at how the story ends. A lot of you may anticipated for Emerald to emerge back since she is one of the original heir of the Fortalejo and the main character as well. Here's an idea, read Kristine Series by Martha Cecilia in pocketbooks because the TV series in ABS CBN is very far from it. The PHR pocketbook series is more compelling, thrilling, touching, kilig and will really make you cry and fall inlove at the same time.

Personally, I was disappointed on how the story end since I have read the whole series and it has been one of my favorite PHR pocketbook series. I may not able to watched all the Kristine episodes in ABS CBN but I've watched the selected scenes and parts of the TV series on Youtube. It kinda frustrate me knowing that they adopted the story but did not deliver it well on TV. Kristine pocketbook series has gain a lot of praises and popularity from romance pocketbook readers because of it's great storyline that keeps you curious on how the story is going to end and not to mention that no characters are left hanging. It would have been a great romance TV series if it was delivered on TV exactly as it was in pocketbooks, for the benefit of those who are not a fan of reading pocketbooks yet a fan of romantic stories.

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