Happy Feet!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Do you know what is the photo above?
It's actually a platinum nail polish with a unique bottle. :P
I was supposed to go out and breath the Limketkai air today but laziness take over me and was also caught up reading some romantic pocketbooks. Then the manicurista arrived and clean my toenails. We finished late so I decided to just stay in the house. Here's my happy feet...

And oh! My aunt's toenails was aching which was cleaned by other manicurista. My manicurista said that maybe it was not cleaned properly and that there are still nails not taken on the inner part. Hmmm...

Ive taken a video of getting the stuck nail inside my aunt's toenails... Check this out:

Tip: The manicurista said when your toenails is like this never put penicillin so that hindi mag-nana..

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  1. Hi venussmileygal!
    Thanks for greeting my lil boy happy birthday on my blog!

    Super duper sorry, I'm so late! Following you from WBFC #4. Yes, #4. I'm lagging behind! LoL. Anyway, I've also added you to my link page. Will be visiting more often. :)

    P.S. Checked out your about page and it is rad. You a rockin' chick!

  2. BTW... whoa! THAT is nail polish? Wow! One of the fave things I like to have done are my nails. I love mani-pedis and I have them often. I've never come across nail polish like that though. Cool.

  3. Hi! Thats okay. :) Thanks for the comment. I have already link you up in my Blogroll (http://www.venussmileygal.com/2010/02/blogroll.html)too. Hope to see you here in my humble blog more often. :D
    Thanks for checking out my about page.(blush)

    Yes it is a nail polish. :D
    I usually have pedicures only coz manicure doesn't go well with my hands. :D

  4. Oh thankies, Venus! On mani-pedis... lately I've only been doing clear nail polish on my hands so it doesn't mess up much. But feet love color!


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