Election 2010 Experience

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I just finished casting my vote of the candidates that I want to lead and help our country. It was not easy since you need to wake up early so that you can get a priority number. Unlike before that you can vote anytime you want since 900 registered voters will vote to 4 polling centers. Now only one polling center is available per town. So here in Mahinog, Camiguin polling center is in San Roque Chapel only.

I was task to escort my lola for she could no longer vote for herself. When we arrived at 6:00 am there are lots of eager voters waiting outside the polling area and priority number already reach 600 plus. Good thing Senior Citizens is prioritized, so we just listed lola’s name and wait for her name to be called. The process was; every time they called for a voter with priority number they called one Senior Citizen listed. So olds really need to wait in the provided chair outside the polling center. My lola was 74th on the list so we had long hours of waiting before she was called. My hands are aching of fanning the olds (I call it “Serbisyo sa Katigulangan”) to give them air because it was hot. It was not easy seeing them sitting in the provided chair waiting for there turn to vote and there was even one old lady that we help because she almost fainted and her face is already white. After seeing such incident I let my lola stay at her sisters house which is just across the polling center so that she could just rest. It’s almost 1 o’clock in the afternoon when my lola was called to vote and since I’m already inside I cast my votes too. That does not end there since lola's ballot was rejected by the machine 4 times, I almost freak out because there are voters waiting for me to finished. Bad PCOS machine! hehehe Luckily mine feed immediately.
Since mom was still in the house a sister of my lola secured a priority number for my mom #358 wheeew… that far! But my uncle got her an earlier priority number which is #344… hehehe still far. Anyways, moms manage to finish her vote before the voting closed which is at 7 oclock.

I pity the olds but at the same time was happy and proud to know that even if they are old they never let there voices unheard. They still take part in helping the country choose the rightful leader whom they think would help us.

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