Philippine Blog Awards in CDO

Monday, October 05, 2009

I am looking forward for the Philippine Blog Awards here in Cagayan de Oro. Even if my blog wasn't nominated my fellow CDObloggers were nominated anyways. I do hope they would win an award. This will be held at Pearlmont Inn after the Mindanao Bloggers Summit. The following are the nominated blogs of CDObloggers:

Bloggers’ Choice Special Award

Travels and Tours

Best News & Media Blog
Cagayan de Oro News Online

Best Business Blog

Negosyo Ideas

Best Hobby & Recreation Blog

Pinoy Experience Mountain Biking and Outdoor Philippines
Best Beauty Blog

The Doctor Is vaIN

Check out Philippine Blog Awards Site for more details.

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  1. thanks for mentioning my blog (the Doctor is vaIN).. it's an honor to be representing CDO in the national blog awards. hope to see you at the Mindanao Bloggers' Summit!

  2. Your welcome Doc Grace! We from CDObloggers are proud of all the finalist from Cagayan de oro.
    See you on the Mindanao Bloggers Summit too!

  3. I am indeed very honored to have been recognized to this very prestigious Philippine Bloggers Award. Thanks Venz for mentioning my blog in your youuuu. hehe. Honestly, I don't expect to reach to this point but Thanks God my efforts are now recognized. Having landed in the 7 top finalists is already a great honor as well as having represented my beloved Cagayan de Oro City to the national scene. I salute to the people behind PBA. Thanks Guys.

  4. Ven, don't forget my blog under business category pud, congrats to fellow cdobloggers who got into the finalist...

  5. @Mike updated1 Im very sorry. I almost included your blog but I have doubts if its yours that is why hindi ko include. Ask ko sana sayo kaya lang we dont see each other online until nkalimotan ko na follow-up. hehehe. Congrats Mike!

  6. hi ms venus! i'm happy to share that The Doctor is vaIN was awarded as the best beauty blog in the recently conluded PBA 2009 in Manila. :) i'm sharing this with all cdo bloggers!


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