What I Wore | White Tee and Floral Skirt

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Plain tees are really a lifesaver when you're in a hurry!

As I mentioned in the previous post, me and my friends went out for a Saturdate today. Instances like this that I only have minutes to prep up. I always grab bottom first which I think would be the most comfortable and appropriate to wear for the occasion. from there will then pic the top that will match the bottom. I first opted for white muscle tees to match my floral skirt but then after taking a bath I noticed my shoulders are peeling from the sunburn I got last week. :( So grabbed my trusted white tee instead. 

I bought different colors of this plain tees at Bench. What I like most of this tees is that its in V-neck style. I love V-neck plain tees because wearing them looks sexy.

And oh! Its been awhile since Ive worned my preppy short skirts... 
I miss my kikay/girly days!

Valentines Day


Happy Valentines Day to all!

How did you you spent your Valentine's day? As for me, just went out with my friends. The original plan was to watch a comedy show but then for some reason was canceled. My plan B was to just stay at home and work. Yes! Work on a weekend! :) Dont want to go out because it'll be crowded everywhere since a lot of people are dating... (Just picture me strolling alone while everybody are in pairs.) However, my friend woke me up with a call to go out... We ended grabbing lunch at Bubble Tea, Centrio Mall and just stroll right after. 
After an hour of strolling, boredom hit us and think of something productive to do. This brought us to Chali Beach Resort. We checked on the resorts outdoor venue and had some inquiries for the upcoming big event were planning. (Sorry as much as Im excited to reveal this but had to keep it a secret for now.)
Since its Valentines day the outdoor venue was full of tables for their Valentines Dinner Buffet.  They also have a "LOVE" love decoration at the garden area that we took advantage and took some  pictures. We didnt avail the buffet dinner though because it was on-reservation event.
Chali Beach Resort is such a romantic place!

What I Wore | Aztec & Side-Slit Skirt

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You guess it right! Yet another outfit post from last year.. ;)

 I have so many outfit shots from last year that I haven't shared on this blog so Im obviously catching up. It feel so good to finally share this OOTD.
This aztec muscle tee probably started my love for muscle tees. I just love the aztec print on the top which is why I picked this and it turns out to be a muscle tee.
I have been eyeing this side-slit maxi skirt at  People R People for months before I gave in and bought it. I even tried this on a couple of times whenever I visited the store to convince myself. Lame! I was praying that it'll go on sale but tough luck it didnt happen. Guess its meant for me though because every time I visited the store its still there hanging, waving at me, saying "buy me!". 

Just notice my hair color is fading... It kinda look like in ombre style. Im thinking of getting a new hair color though. What color do you think suits me? 

Aztec Muscle Tee - Romwe.com | Side-Slit Maxi Skirt -  People R People | Boots - Trifted Shop | Bag - Ororama Supercenter | Watch - SM Accesories


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